Top 25 Business Buzzwords to Blow You Off in 2016


If you are interested to skate to where the ever inventive creative puck is going to be in 2016, you’re at the right place. As a content marketer myself, I’ve seen the changing times of use of ‘high-falutin’ and ornamental word and phrases to the present era of business buzzwords. Buzzwords have become a boon for the thought leaders who can anchor an entire conference where senior executives soar to the stage and repeatedly stress their “Disruptive” or “Organic Growth ” story for several hours — without essentially saying very much.

In the following paragraphs, I have made an attempt to bring meaningless business phrases using overused business buzzwords. Full credit goes to Jon Keegan of the Wall Street Business Buzzwords Generator, which has inspired me to put my first master piece 😉

  • “Our best of breed solution will empower ideation and demonstrate high level performance in ecosystem targeting the low-hanging fruits.”
  • “Our value added services will drill down the community and demonstrate world-class performance in enterprise computing.”
  • “Our actionable insights will vertically integrate your ROI and demonstrate sustainable performance in narrative.”
  • “Our innovative concept will aggregate ROI and demonstrate sustainable performance in transformation.”
  • “Our synergy with our channel partners will cross-pollinate passion and demonstrate turnkey performance in the mission critical transformation.”
  • “Our out of the box thinking will empower early adopters and demonstrate epic performance in ROI.”
  • “Our best of breed solution will drive ecosystem and demonstrate game-changing performance in boots on the ground.”
  • “Our proactive measures will taper learning and demonstrate cutting-edge performance in change agent.”
  • “Our state of art incubation infrastructure will synthesize early adopter and demonstrate robust performance in ideation.”
  • “Our best of breed solution will circle back skill-sets and demonstrate vertical performance invisibility.”

The next time you feel the need to navigate the paradigm shift, leveraging the best practices using the cutting-edge technology collaborating with a tiger team, by all means do it. Amy K. McDonnell from Career Builder has rightly mentioned, “It only takes one brave person to turn ‘outside the box’ into ‘creatively’ or ‘let’s circle back’ to ‘I’ll call you’ — and suddenly, we can begin to peel back the layers of complexity and really talk honestly to each other.”